new j0urnal

i g0tta new j0urnal .. waddlez

im think bout makin it friends only s0o cmmt nd ill add y0u .. but i d0nt wanna lot cuz i really d0nt got time t0o read every1s j0urnal nd commnt .. s0o i only want a few

new journal

iight well i got a journal at diaryland
if you got one there add me nd ill add you
i dont think im gunna be postin in this one any more
<33 yas all


yay!..its SNOWiN!!!!!...lo0ks like no school 2morrow...hellz yeah! talkin to nikki nd talyor rite now nd listen to a cd that r 8th gr teacher made us last year for our graduation
alright..i made up my time *he* comes on im gunna see if hes still has a g.f...nd h0pefully he wont nd ill try tellin him i like him..soo wish me luck..hehe
2morrow if i dont have school ill prob. go outside w. miggi nd play in the
write m0re lataz

h0pelessy dev0ted t0 y0u
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l000ng timezzz

well..i jus redid my journal..ya like??...i jus wached the movie the other day cuz i got it on dvd nd was in the Grease i knoe i havent commented in journals..sorry!..dont hate me!
done w. finals thank god...started my new classes...well i have to go--ill write more nd comment l8rz

y0ur the 0ne that i want

sick once again

today i took my religion final...i think i did pretty good..i got out at like 10!..then monday i have english nd world history..i think im gunna do bad on history but oh well
2nite i mite sleep over gianna's..nikki's sleepin over too...we mite straighten her hair too..i dont think were goin to the movies cuz i dont have any money nd im still grounded from the movies (which SuCks)...then 2morrow me nikki nd my mom are goin to miggis cheerleading tournament..she's miss yell (gOoD LuCk!)
rite now im talkin to keenan<3..i really like him so happy we have lunch 2gether next semester too!...i wanna tell him i like him but im too shy...nd i dont want him to never talk to me again..soo i dunno...nd i dunno if he likes sum1 else or not...oh well
im gunna go comment in sum journals nd im prob. not gunna be on all weekend soo i problly wont update or comment :[

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finals aHh!

ugh..i hate finals..soo i prob. wont be updatin till after monday..soo if you dont get any comments thats why...but dont delete me!
we got r scheduls for next semester today at lunch
1st pd. bio-lloyd
2nd pd. french-ebel
3a lunch
3b gym-moore
4th pd. h.alg-lynch
well i g2g study

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deleting ppls

im gunna delete all my friends who
A) dont comment
b) i dont read your journal
and plus i dont have a lot of time to read nd comment in a lot of journals..nd im thinkin about makin it friends only but i dunno

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